Saturday, February 28, 2009

You Changed My Life

Sarah and John Lloyd fever is on..

Last February 25, Mae and i decided to chill out and watch a movie. I forgot that it was the opening day of the follow movie of Sarah and Lloydi.

As expected, people were all in line to get tickets and to get inside the cinema houses. Good thing we were able to get good seats.

So here's my review for the movie"

" You Changed My life, the second installment of the Sarah and John Lloyd team up surpasses its prequel, A Very Special Love. The movie is funny and has really the kilig factor. The first movie is a complete fairy tale while the new one tells us how Miggy and Laida lives their fairy tale lives. A perfect valentine movie and it really brings out the kilig in you. It really has exceeded my expectations and I never thought that the movie could really give an extreme impact to its viewers. "

After watching the movie, I notice that everyone has smiles on their faces. How the movie presented the lives of the lead characters gives somehow a hope to all that there is still that special someone out there who will complete your so called fairy tale life. uuuu

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