Thursday, October 30, 2008


This is my first ever work using Adobe Photoshop CS3. Learning photoshop was really hard for me. Thanks to my sister for teaching me the basics. Basically my work above is so " pop art". I'm happy that at least, i know know how to use photoshop. THough through constant practice, I know that I will be soon good at it.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Manga Fever!

Everyone's going manga nowadays. Manga is a japanese term for "cartoons" or "comics". Every time I visit the web, a lot of people have their own version of their manga. So that's why I also made one for myself. Above is my manga which is so retrorific and funky. UUU


The usual Filipinos loves to drink. The feeling of being drunk, high and happy-go-lucky attitude is something most of the young people would love to do. Beer drinkers love the month of October since its Octoberfest. Overflowing beer, an array of mouth watering food and the ambiance to party all night long are the reasons why people loves Octoberfest. To be honest, im not a drinker. Im not a fan of those alcoholic drinks that gives me nothing but headache. But once in a while, I drink and just have fun. Last Saturday night, we went out with my friends and some of my high school buddies and had a great night. That night was a whole lotta fun and I basically ended up very tipsy but still managed to go home. Hehehe. Above are some of our pictures. Thanks to Mhoodie for the high resolution pics. uuu

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pumpkin's Massage Instructional Video

We were bored that time and once again, we made fun out of our cat Pumpkin and decided to make an instructional video for him. The video tells us on how to massage our dear cats. At least once in a while, they can have the chance to relax. Hahahaha!

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Next One

Sarah Geronimo is a pop sensation here in the Philippines. I saw her a couple of times already, recently just today in her mall show in NCCC for Charmee napkins. Hahahaha! Sarah has established her name and is the next big thing in showbiz. I am a fan of her and iv'e seen her evolved and developed as a performer. Her pang "masa" charm and the "from rags to riches" life captured the hearts of Filipinos and that includes me. Kudos to Sarah Geronimo! I just wish her success and may she continue to inspire people. Indeed, dreams really do come true.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bowling + Shia Labeouf + KopiRoti = FUN!

Last Wednesday, my friend Mae texted me to drop by NCCC Mall to join them in playing bowling. Right after work, I immediately went straight to them to have an action-filled afternoon. Wearing my " so teacher and so kagalang-kagalang " attire which means barong and slacks, I played bowling with Mae, Joey, Mina and Dan. Since im really a bowling dummy, Dan helped me out and taught me some basics in bowling. After an hour of playing, I was able to get my first strike. Beat that huh!!! Or maybe just my lucky shot.

We then had our dinner and watched Shia Labeouf's movie. Eagle Eye was fun flick. Full of adrenaline rush and action packed scenes. The story was unique, has a twist and very catchy for me. Rosamel's friend, Beggy and Faith came and joined us that time. After watching the flick, my friends decided to go home and called it a day. Since Beggy was'nt able to eat dinner that time, we ( me, my sister and Beggy ) decided to have a little gastronomic adventure at Torres which ended up at KopiRoti. How's that having hot brewed coffee, kopi bun, french toast at night? Strange yet good. Just like having breakfast at midnight. And after that, we all called it a day.

Monday, October 20, 2008


I've been hooked to photography nowadays. Capturing moments is an adrenaline rush for me. Getting picture perfect shots ain't easy actually. Though by being patient, creative and imaginative, it will be so easy as 1-2-3!

Here are some of my lucky shots...........................

Camp Sabros, Kapatagan

She sells sea shells by the sea shore

True love

Babusanta beach, Talicud Island

Sunset at Paradise Beach Resort

San Pedro Cathedral Church

Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Motherboard, My Self

"My Motherboard, My Self" is the title of one of season 4 episodes of Sex and the City. It is where Carrie's laptop broke, Miranda's mom died and Samantha lost her orgasm. I was in Carrie's situation before. My pc crashed and lost everything. Just like Carrie, im unaware of all the technical stuff like backing up, zip files and the like. I learned that its really important to have back ups. Not just on your pc but with your relationship in your life. In times that we are really down and feel like were about to give, we should have our back ups to bring us up again. The show indeed inspired me a lot. Aside from the fact that it brings out the smile in me, Sex and the City taught me a lot of things in life, in dealing with different kinds of people and on dealing with relationship.
Aws, pwede na bang pangtapat kay Carrie?hahahahahah

The gamer in me

I'm not a gamer. I'm not a fan of those PlayStation , Xbox360, Nintendo Wii stuff. But everything has changed. Recently, I just bought a pre- loved Sony Playstation portable as my early Christmas gift for my self. The moment I have it in my hands, that's the time I began acting like a real gamer. Right now, i'm currently hooked to God of War, GoPuzzle ( haha) and N4S Most Wanted. Aside from playing games, I can listen to music and watch videos on my Psp. The best part of it, I can connect to the internet everytime there's a hotspot or wifi access near me. Totally this gadget is multi- purpose and a good buy for me.

I belive that there is a child in every one of us. For me, playing this game console brings out the child in me.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Pumpkin's Birthday Party

October 17 is the special day of cutie Pumpkin, our cat. We celebrated his birthday with a bang. We prepared a simple yet fun-filled birthday party for him. Pumpkin is such a cutie and this is the first time we had thrown a party for our pet. Oh, how sweet of us. We all love Pumpkin. He is a part of our family and that is one thing that will never change.

P.S. To Pumpkin, hope you appreciated the party we prepared for

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Island Getaway

Me and my family had our out of town trip in Talicud Island last weekend. It was a perfect time to relax, unwind and catch up with each others lives. The trip was so fun and the beach was so awesome. Im hoping to be back there soon. Indeed, life is like a beach.

Hers are some of the pictures..


This week was a disaster. I got good news and bad news. Good news is I got regularized or lets say I got the " permanent" status in DepEd. Who wouldnt be happy for that. But heres the catch. Ive been teaching since 1st week of August till mid October and just found out that I wont get anything from it. Due to unwanted circumstances, documents and papers were not filed to the upper management. I cant believe this just happened to me. I deserved to be paid since I gave all my time, the efforts and and its really not easy dealing with different kinds of people. It ended up as a charity work which is really not okay for me.
Now I am completely demotivated and uninterested with my work. I might consider quitting and moving on. I asked for signs and there were really some. I am completely pissed off and just want to scream loud!! Damn! Shit! F*ck! Sorry for those words., I just cant help it.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Welcome to my blog.

Wow, I finally decided to make my blogspot account. This is my world. Im really not so good into writing and blogging. But I believe this is one way of improving and developing my skills in blogging.

What to expect here?Just expect the unexpected. Basically you'll know more about me on this blog. My thoughts, ideas, opinions on things under the sun. You'll see more pictures since I am a frustrated photographer. This blog of mine is really something, because there's always got to be something.

As what I always say to my self, be different. Live out of your box. Dont be part of the generic side. And if people talk about you, be glad. Its better to be talked about than to be not noticeable.

Good day and be safe. Roj xoxo